The latest concepts for Sacramento's 'most-talked-about arena on the planet'

7:39 PM, Oct 21, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO - You might not need to go indoors to see inside the new arena slated to be built in downtown Sacramento.

One of the latest concept images for the facility shows that fans in arena seats might be visible from an outdoor plaza. The image is among a series of drawings that the Sacramento Kings call "conversation starters" for the project; the team emphasized that official drafts of arena renderings won't be available until later this year.

"One of the concepts of the arena is to really blur the lines between, 'Are you sitting inside the arena, or are you sitting outside the arena?'" team President Chris Granger said while discussing the images last week during TIBCO conference. TIBCO is owned by Kings owner Vivek Ranadive.

"This sort of indoor, outdoor concept really takes advantage of what's truly amazing about our weather all the time in Sacramento," Granger said.

While the Kings are adamant that the images show concepts and not final designs, they do provide a first look at some of the ideas for the arena that team owners have been discussing.

"You've heard that we're going to create what we think is going to be the most-talked-about arena on the planet," Granger told the TIBCO crowd.

And that arena is expected to be environmentally friendly.

"We're thinking about this in terms of how can we use the climate, how can we situate the area on plaza to use the delta breeze to cool the building in a way that big HVAC units cannot," Granger said.

The team president also used the TIBCO conference to discuss some of the new technology that the Kings may introduce to fans. He talked about a new Sacramento Kings app in detail and offered examples of what it might include.

"Imagine you're walking up to the game itself and on the big video boards in front it says, 'Welcome Chris Granger,' and the more games I go to the bigger my name gets, for example," he said. "Imagine as I'm walking up to the game, my phone gets a message saying, 'Your table is ready at XYZ restaurant. It's 200 yards ahead to the right'."

Granger also talked about the possibility that fans could have merchandise delivered to their seats in the future.

"Imagine that I don't want to go the merchandise stand in the third quarter," he said. "So just on my phone I order merchandise and it's brought to me in my seat. We're going to be able to do all that."

A spokesperson for the Kings said that fans who saw the renderings earlier in the month were very excited about the arena's possibilities. The spokesperson did not want to comment further because the renderings are not the final arena concept.

By Nick Monacelli,

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