Stockton woman goes 'commando' to rescue stray dog

11:08 AM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
  • Stray sheltie rescued near Micke Grove Park
  • Emily, a 12-year-old yorkie
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LODI, CA - A dog lover crawled under barbed wire and used her own Yorkshire terrier as bait to rescue a stray sheltie that had been running loose near Micke Grove Park for at least a week.

According to a Facebook post by the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society, an animal control officer had been trying to catch the stray for a week-- but the dog ran whenever the officer approached.

Animal Friends Connection says Paula Fabionar of Stockton went out Friday morning and found the sheltie. 

She crawled through the fence and laid down in the dirt while resting her 12-year-old yorkie "Emily" on her belly.

The sheltie reportedly barked at them for 5 minutes but then gradually came over to sniff Emily and lick some cat food from Paula's finger.

Paula rubbed his ears with one arm while still laying in the dirt-- and was able to gently slip a lead over sheltie's head.

The dog has been taken to a veterinarian to check for a microchip.

In the meantime, Paula is asking anyone with information about the dog's owner to contact her at


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