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Students denied SAT testing because of photos

6:54 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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Examples of unacceptable pictures. Courtesy College Board

ORANGEVALE, CA - Students planning to take the SAT college admission test will get no extra credit for creative photography-- in fact, it could prevent them for even getting in the door.

Multiple students at Casa Roble Fundamental High School were turned away from SAT testing Saturday because the photographs they provided when they registered failed to meet specific photo guidelines aimed at preventing fraud.

A cheating scandal in New York two years ago led the College Board and Educational Testing Service (ETS), which administers the SAT, to require students to submit photos of themselves when they register to prevent someone else from taking the test for them.

The pictures must be forward-facing head and shoulders shots with no shadows or obstructions blocking the face.  Group shots are unacceptable.

Students must follow up with proper identification on the day of the test.

ETS spokesman Tom Ewing confirmed a number of students trying to take the test at Casa Roble had submitted profile shots or pictures that were otherwise not clear enough to be recognizable.

"If students do not follow these guidelines to the letter, they will likely not be admitted by school officials for testing," Ewing said.

Identification requirements are spelled out on the College Board Website.

by George Warren, 


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