Oakdale officer finds dead cat inside vehicle during DUI stop

6:32 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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David Ronald Aguiar

OAKDALE, CA - A mutilated cat was found inside of a vehicle after an officer pulled over the driver for allegedly drinking and driving early Friday morning.

An Oakdale police officer saw a vehicle swerving on the roadway inside Oakdale city limits around 1 a.m. and pulled the driver over for suspicion of drunk driving, Ceres Police Sgt. Chris Perry said. The officer reported that the driver appeared to be "highly under the influence of a controlled substance." It was later determined that the driver was on meth.

While the officer spoke with the driver, 31-year-old David Ronald Aguiar, he noticed that Aguiar was covered in cat hair.

"The entire truck was covered in cat fur. It was as if he had shaved his cat inside the truck," said Officer Daniel Peters who pulled over Aguiar for a traffic stop.

There were also blood spots around the vehicle.

While investigating the inside of the vehicle, the officer found a dead cat that was mutilated.

Aguiar told the officer Peters saw the cat and pulled over because he wanted to pet it. He picked up the animal, but when the it scratched him, Aguiar said he became angry, punching, kicking, and stomping on the cat. Aguiar told Peters he killed it with his bare hands, breaking the animal's neck. When officers pressed Aguiar about why he did that, he explained.

"He was angry to begin with. He was angry that he didn't get his child visit that he was supposed to have," said Peters. "He obviously had a rage issue. God only knows what he would have done to a human, knowing he did that to a defenseless animal."

Aguiar was booked into Stanislaus County Jail for driving under the influence of drugs and cruelty to animals. Police said Aguiar was released from jail after posting bail.


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