Does this Stockton Goodwill employee deserve a reward for turning in $10,500?

6:31 PM, Aug 7, 2013   |    comments
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  • Lakeisha Williams

STOCKTON, CA - Lakeisha Williams jokingly said she thought of keeping the $10,500 in cash she found while sorting through Goodwill donations, but she didn't.

"My concern was, someone is out that money and I'd like for them to get it back," she said.

It's been about a month since Williams found the money at the Goodwill collection spot where she works. She thought by now, at least her bosses at Goodwill would give her a little something for the effort.

"It would have been nice for them to say 'hey, you get some kickback, thanks for being honest and turning it in,'" she said.

Because she's a fairly new employee, Williams didn't realize the Goodwill policy is to keep accidentally donated large amounts of money in an account in order to give the owner time to reclaim it. Goodwill President David Miller said around the 3-month mark, if the cash still hasn't been claimed, Williams will get about 10 percent for being honest.

Miller also said it's not unusual for Goodwill to get things dropped off that weren't meant to be.

"Whether it's clothing, household items, cash, jewelry, they realize oops, they didn't want that to get donated," Miller explained. "They make contact with us and let us know."

Williams and her husband are struggling to get their Stockton fitness business to the level they'd like. A thousand dollar boost would be most welcome, assuming the person who accidentally gave up $10,500 in cash doesn't realize it first.

By Tim Daly,


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