State fair fight caught on camera

9:08 PM, Jul 29, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A knock-down, drag-out fight between several men was caught on camera in the Magical Midway area of the California State Fair Sunday night.

That is not how fair organizers wanted the two and a half week-long celebration of California to end.

"The people who came out were quite spectacular," said California State Fair/Cal Expo CEO Rick Pickering. "As is the case when you get 700,000 folks together, you're going to have a few people that have disagreements."

Police broke up the fight in under a minute, but it's what you see at the beginning of the video that raises some eyebrows.

WARNING: Fight images may be offensive to some 

A large crowd was assembled around an empty area, and two men come in the middle and appear to greet each other in a friendly manner. Seconds later, a fight breaks out.

Many believe the fight was staged and used as a publicity stunt, possibly for the man who shot the video.

On his YouTube and Twitter pages, he identifies himself as a local DJ, and can be heard throughout the video to be inviting people to party with him and drops what appears to be promotional flyers on the ground.

Cal Expo police have not said if the men were arrested or simply escorted off the fairgrounds.

WARNING: Explicit language and images may be offensive

Cal Expo police respond to fight at state fair


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