Auburn teen accuse of sexually abusing kids at daycare will be charged as adult

10:49 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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AUBURN, CA - No child has been to the Colored Pencils Daycare in almost a year. Last year, the owner's teenage son was arrested for sexually abusing four children under his mother's care.

"He was a very nice young man, shooting baskets," next-door neighbor Sandy Bishop said. "A normal kid, very polite."

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Neighbors are still in disbelief over the many allegations. The daycare owner's 15-year-old son faces eight counts of child abuse of four children between the ages of 5 and 3. The sexual abuse allegedly occured when the boy was 14 years old. He was being held at Placer County's Juvenile Hall since his arrest last August.

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An even bigger shock stuck the Auburn community Thursday when the Placer County District Attorney announced the 15-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult, one day before his scheduled arraignment.

The district attorney did not return News10's requests for comment on the case when this story was posted. However, legal expert Bill Portanova speculates the teen is being charged as an adult because the abuse allegations are extreme.

"The district attorney has the reports from the sheriff's deputies, who interviewed the victims, and they must tell a terrible tale of long term, intense, predatory abuse," Portanova said.

The court complaint doesn't list details on the alleged abuse, and the teen's file didn't reveal any prior criminal history.

"Even a first offender can be sentenced to life, if that first offense is bad enough," Portanova explained.

Bishop said if the allegations are true, she still doesn't agree the boy should be charged as an adult.

"He was only 14," Bishop said. "I know he's a big, tall young man, but he was only 14 years old. He needs counseling. He doesn't need to be incarcerated. That's just terrible."

Portanova explained the juvenile system is set up for rehabilitation. Sending the boy to adult prison is for punishment.

"If they want to take a 14 year-old child out of the juvenile system and put him into the adult system, it's because they don't think he's capable of rehabilitation and they want to imprison him as long as they can."

The teen' arraignment is scheduled for Friday morning.


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