Game Guys review - A4Tech Bloody Gun3 V7 gaming mouse

5:13 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
A4Tech Bloody Gun3 V7 gaming mouse
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What makes a gaming mouse a gaming mouse?  Is it in what it's made of?  Its sensitivity?  Pretty lights?  While the answer might vary from person to person, A4Tech has a gaming mouse out with one primary purpose: to weight its user's shooter gaming experience into his/her favor.

Called the Bloody Gun3 V7, the mouse has a number of features that gamers would designate as desirable.

With this mouse, A4Tech claims to provide feedback that is six-times faster than the market standard.  For gaming - especially twitch-type games like Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, quicker is better.  While only the most discerning gamer might notice the difference in-game, the mouse does come bundled with click speed testing software.  The V7 did come out ahead in terms of input feedback and bested the Corsair Raptor M30 ($50) and RaidMax-branded mouse we had laying around by a noticeable margin.

Topping the features list is the simple, yet innovative HoleLESS engine.  As best as can be told, this engine is little more than a tinted window for the mouse's sensor.  It's designed to cut down dust buildup that can, over time, be detrimental to the mouse's performance.  The HoleLESS engine, however, is only one of this mouse's features.

Located just below the mouse wheel is a trio of buttons - the Ultra Core buttons.  This is where this mouse's design towards shooter-type games is put to the test, though owners will have to shell out additional money to "activate" the mouse's top-tier Core3 features.

For those not able or willing to do this, its Core2 features should work out just fine.  In this mode, the three Core buttons each have different burst patterns mapped to them.  Pressing the top "1" button provides normal operation.  Pressing the middle "N" button changes the scroll wheel to a neon green and provides a double-burst.  Finally, pressing the bottom "3" button turns the scroll wheel yellow and provides a three-shot burst.  While designed to improve shooter gameplay, the 2x and 3x bursts sometimes get in the way as they cannot be interrupted.

Core3, which is a free trial of 1,000 clicks before purchase, does all of the above plus gives users the ability to manipulate the recoil of in-game guns with the aim of making their clusters tighter and more accurate.  In short, it seems to work.  Be warned, though, that it takes a bit of patience to calibrate.

This mouse also has a premium tactile feel for a fairly bargain-oriented price.  It feels and weighs similar to mice that are priced at nearly double the Bloody Gun3 V7's retail price of $40 and has hints at long-term quality.  Everything from the L/R mouse buttons to the scroll wheel and its shooter-oriented core buttons feel solidly constructed and should easily last over the million-click mark.  Furthermore, the mouse's nearly 2-meter-long USB cord is made of braided fabric rather than rubber and seems well mounted on both ends.

Not all is perfect with this mouse, however, as there are a few knocks against it of note.  Firstly, for as well made as it seems, it would benefit from having a small rubber pad on the side where the user's thumb goes.  The ribbed hard plastic that's there currently isn't the best surface for grip and is one of the few parts of this mouse that isn't all that comfortable.  Secondly, the fact that A4Tech asks users to shell out additional money to unlock all of the features of the mouse after the fact is just rude.  Why not just list the price a few dollars higher and not make it look like they're trying to nickle-and-dime the consumer?

Outside of those two gripes, however, A4Tech Bloody Gun3 V7 gaming mouse looks to be a fine product.  It's well priced (if you ignore the optional activated feature) and out-performs the Corsair Raptor M30 we've been using since last year.

A4Tech provided a unit for the purpose of this review.


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