All 'American-made' Newcastle home nearly complete

6:28 PM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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NEWSCASTLE, CA - A Newcastle couple challenged themselves to build their new home entirely from materials made in the U.S.

And after nine months, Patrick and Renee Dubois'  "Made in the USA" abode on Gold Crest Court is nearly complete.

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They wanted to show it could be done.

"Our qualifications for American-made is 100-percent assembled here, in the United States, and also, 90 percent of the parts and materials have to come from here," said Patrick DuBois.

DuBois admits the research was very time-consuming but "it was a work of passion for Renee and I," he said.

Those who worked on the home bought into "American-made' concept, too.

Dubois said many of the subcontractors were "very excited and very proud to support American companies themselves because they've seen what's happened with the housing industry, they know what the building industry means to them to have American-made jobs."

He hopes a movement toward buying American-made will catch on.

"What if it actually wasn't that much more expensive [to buy made in the USA]? Let's say it's 5 percent more expensive to choose American. Wouldn't that be worth it because then you could actually keep the jobs here?"

The DuBois' want American consumers to know they have a choice.

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