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Drug lord could be tied to 2010 barbershop shooting

7:18 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Driving by nearly three years later, you would have no idea one of Sacramento's worst murders happened in a Stockton Boulevard parking lot.

Iin December 2010, Two rival-gangs got into a shoot out in the parking lot of a barbershop; Monique Nelson died using her body as a shield to protect her 2-year-old son.

A federal complaint filed Wednesday sheds a new light on the shooting, which appears to go back to drugs.

Five people have either been arrested, or soon will be, for drug possession, the intent to distribute drugs or both:

  1. Myron Meadows
  2. Anthony Sanchez
  3. Deyonte Spears
  4. Tyrone Weathersby
  5. Israel Washington, apparently the ring leader, according to the DEA agent who wrote the complaint

The agent said Washington is known as the "premier crack cook" in Sacramento; undercover buys caught him selling several drugs.

Washington currently owns Wet Ways Auto Body and Paint Shop on Franklin Boulevard. The agent said it's a major drug source.

But his gang ties are where it gets interesting.

He also used to own a hoagie shop next to Fly Cuts 'N' Styles, the barbershop where the shooting started.

The report said Washington was allegedly supplying drugs and guns to the people involved in that shooting.

The agent said Washington leads a gang known as "Stars Up" or "Stick Up Stars". The members are younger drug dealers with a well-deserved reputation for violence.


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