160 goats dead in French Camp after pit bulls attack

12:26 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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FRENCH CAMP, CA - Concerned residents and workers at a French Camp livestock auction yard are worried that a pack of pit bulls will return to attack their animals.

In all, nearly 200 goats have been killed by the pack of dogs in the past week.

On Tuesday night, livestock auction yard manager Joe Mayar said someone would watching out for his animal all night long. Mayar lost 87 goats early Monday morning in the dog attack; another 73 goats were so badly hurt, they had to put down. The attacks on the goats at his livestock auction yard cost Mayar about $35,000.

"It hurts me and it makes me angry at the same time. Goats all over the place just laying dead, just crying," Mayar said. "We came in 7 a.m. to feed all the animals and that's when we discovered all the dead animals in the back pins."

Mayar said as many as six pit bulls attacked his livestock early Monday. At three least other people who saw their own animals attacked said those dogs were pit bulls.

"Most of the goats have injuries to their necks," Mayar said. "Limbs were missing, torn legs, their throats were cut. It was just a horrible scene. It was a massacre."

Even though the livestock auction yard is securely fenced off, the pack of dogs managed to get in.

"I think they dug holes and that's how they got in," Mayar said.

Neighbor Subar Mani lost a bunch of goats too. He believes it was the same pack of pitbulls that killed his animals last week.

"On the first day, I lost 20 [goats]; and the second day, I lost 10," said Mani who also lost several ducks.

Mani tried to stop the dogs. He said when the pack attacked his animals, there were eight pit bulls.

"The third night, me and my friends sat the whole night there and they came in and then we tried to shoot them. We shot two, but they took off," Mani said. "I think they were injured."

On Tuesday afternoon, a sheriff's deputy stopped by to talk to Mayar about the dog attack at the livestock auction yard the day before.

Meanwhile, Mayar and others are worried that the same pack of pit bulls that attacked his animals could easily attack students two blocks away at French Camp Elementary School.

"That could easily happen with all those kids up there you know. They could have gone to that school and it could be a lot worse," Mayar said.

San Joaquin County Animal Control set up a steal trap to try and catch the dogs, but Mayar doesn't think it's going to work. Mayar, his neighbors and other concerned residents believe something has to be done though.

"Everybody needs to be concerned and they need to catch those dogs. They're going to come back," Mayar said.

Animal Control was unavailable for a comment on the recent attacks. It is unclear if the pit bulls have owners or if they are strays.

By Suzanne Phan, sphan@news10.net

Twitter: @SuzannePhan

Facebook: SuzannePhan


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