Man accused of stealing high-tech military equipment arrested

10:12 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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HERLONG, CA - A supervisor at the Sierra Army Depot in Lassen County is accused of stealing high tech weaponry on its way back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

A US Army investigator said Devon Biggs was a supervisor at the depot, overseeing the initial receiving points for weaponry coming back from the war zones.

According to the criminal complaint, Biggs had access to weaponry before it was listed on inventory, so any weapons he stole never showed up as missing.

Investigators said they were tipped off to Biggs' activity by two other employees. Based on these tips, they began watching him on surveillance cameras around the depot.

Biggs was caught in the act on April 4, when investigators noticed him placing night vision and laser equipment in places near the depot's exits.

They continued to watch as Biggs got into a government issued pickup truck and started driving aimlessly around the complex. When everyone else went home, Biggs pulled the truck up to the warehouse entrance.

Investigators saw Biggs load a black backpack into the pickup truck and decided to approach him for questioning.

According to the complaint, Biggs saw police approaching and fired off a panicked text message to an unknown person.

"F***, F***, F***, S*** the cops are coming," the message read.

When investigators searched the backpack and pickup truck, they found a treasure trove of high tech weaponry, valued at $85,000.

Biggs' backpack contained nine items of sophisticated laser and thermal imaging equipment, as well as laser GHOST illumination technology. It also contained some low light video recording equipment.

A modified, fully automatic M16A1 rifle was found hidden in the bed of the pickup truck and three night vision helmet mounts were found in Biggs' personal vehicle.

Biggs now faces federal charges related to the theft of government property. 

Nobody at the army depot could be reached for comment Friday afternoon. News10 will update the story as more information becomes available.

By Michael Bott, @TweetBott10


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