Colfax woman accused of molesting own daughter

1:00 AM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - A woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon for sexually molesting her young daughter and allowing three other men to molest the child also, FBI court documents say.

The woman, who is not being identified in order to protect the child's identity, was booked into Sacramento County jail after an FBI investigation.

According to court documents, Jason Wymer, a man who was busted for child pornography, told the FBI during an interrogation about molesting the girl at a party in October 2010.

Wymer was arrested for possession of thousands of child pornography files last week. A mom reported Wymer to the FBI after she tried to send a cell phone picture of her 8-year-old daughter, standing next to a candy display, to her older daughter. The mom misdialed her daughter's number and ended up sending the photo to Wymer's phone. Court documents said that Wymer responded by asking for more photos. The FBI eventually investigated Wymer, which lead to his arrest.

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During the FBI interrogation, Wymer said the woman (not the same person as the mother who reported Wymer to the FBI) invited him and two other men to a backroom at the party where daughter was. The three men sexually molested the girl, and then watched the woman molest her own daughter, Wymer told the FBI.

Court documents said the FBI went back through Wymer's files and found pictures of the October 2010 incident. The FBI documents said the girl is now 5 years old and in kindergarten.

The woman was arrested at 2 p.m. Wednesday at her Colfax home. She was arrested on federal charges for allowing a minor in her care to be used to produce sexually explicit depictions, court documents said.


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