Woman explains why she sold precious clock collection

7:44 PM, Jan 30, 2013   |    comments
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Julie Wilson, Phil Paguio

SACRAMENTO, CA - A woman who sold her housemate's lifetime clock collection while he lay in a coma insists he would have approved if he were conscious.

Clock repairman and collector Phillip Paguio, 60, who calls himself "Dr. Time," was involved in a near-fatal crash with a big rig in Montana last week.

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Julie Wilson said she sold Paguio's collection of thousands of clocks for $3,500 to cover the rent and other personal expenses.

"He would have wanted me to do that in order to go on and have a roof over my head because he loves me and I love him," Wilson, 45, told News10.

But one of Paguio's close friends disputed Wilson's claim that she was his girlfriend.

"This lady that's been living with him is a problem," said Laura Redfern, who contacted News10 after learning of the accident and sale of Paguio's clock collection.

"He's been telling me the last couple of years she's a problem and I need to get her out of my house," Redfern said.

News10 traced the clock collection to Sacramento antiques dealer Don Boland, who agreed to hold the clocks in storage for Paguio after he learned the backstory.

In a telephone conversation with News10, Wilson reluctantly agreed she had no right to sell the clocks.

She refunded Boland's money and said she considered the case closed.

Paguio remains in critical condition at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, where administrators are still trying to find a relative to make healthcare decisions for him.

Redfern said Paguio rarely spoke of family, even to his close friends.

By George Warren, GWarren@news10.net


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