Man sentenced for stalking ex-girlfriend, installing spyware

7:06 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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Jose Moreno

SACRAMENTO, CA -  A man who used hidden cameras and computer spywear to stalk his ex-girlfriend was sentenced to 19 years, four months in state prison in a Sacramento courtroom Friday.

Jose Moreno was convicted in December of 21 counts, including stalking, burglary, wiretapping, and installing spyware. 

He will be eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence, but upon release, will have to register as a sex offender.

"Finally after two years, I was able to move away from just the facts and be able to address the court with how I feel and how I saw things," said the victim, who did not want to be identified.

She said she was pleased with the sentence and feels a bit more at peace knowing he's behind bars.

"I don't think life will ever be the same, but the healing process starts now," she said.

The victim said Moreno started stalking her after she ended their relationship in July, 2010. She testified he repeatedly broke into her home, stole personal items, and installed hidden cameras and computer spyware. When she discovered the hidden cameras, she left her apartment to stay with a friend, but Moreno tracked her to the friend's home and spent hours photographing her and her family without their knowledge.

"He took repugnant photos of her naked in the shower, naked in the bathroom," Sacramento County prosecutor Michelle Restrepo said in court.

The victim obtained a restraining order and moved to another residence with an alarm system. But Moreno again found her and taught himself how to disable her alarm system.

"He removed the locking mechanism from her door and created a key so he could go in and out as he pleased," said Restrepo.

On Oct. 2, 2010, Moreno was arrested inside the victim's home after she replaced the alarm system without his knowledge.

Search warrants of Moreno's residence revealed multiple stolen items from the victim and a computer folder titled "Stalking" that contained pictures of the victim.

Moreno, a UC Berkeley and Columbia University graduate, argued that his stalking was a temporarily lapse in judgment.

"You have friends and family that know him at his best, when he's succeeding," said Restrepo. "In our circumstance, he was rejected and he wasn't in control of the situation. And that's what made him this manipulative, deceptive, and scary individual he was during this period of time."

By Leigh Paynter,


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