Car crash through living room injures Stockton couple

7:03 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Sanny Lon and her boyfriend Van Doeun never imagined their first major car accident would be while they were inside their own home.

"It was like the corner of the ceiling was just coming towards us and then I heard this loud boom," said Lon. "Then I saw the red car. And then everything was dark."

Outside, two teenagers lost control of the car they were in on Red Oak Lane and crashed into the Doeun family's  home. Police said the 16 year olds were in a stolen car, trying to outrun them.

Moments before the crash, the Doeun family was rearranging furniture in the living room and hanging photos. By luck or miracle, Doeun and his sister couldn't agree on where to hang the photos and both stepped away from the center of the wall just as the stolen car crashed.

"Right between the TV and the desk, I was right there," said Doeun. "And the car came all the way."

The teens got out of the car and ran, but Lon and Doeun were trapped.

"I realized I couldn't move my legs," said Lon. "My feet were jammed. The car had pushed all the furniture and jammed my feet with the sofa so I couldn't pull it out or anything."

"I got hit by the china cabinet from the back," said Doeun. "My face scraped the floor, I got five staples in my head and bruises all over my back."

He managed to get up and rescue Lon, fearing the car could explode. They said neighbors and police arrived within seconds.

Stockton police soon located and arrested the 16-year-old alleged car theives. 

Doeun and Lon said they're hurting today, but grateful they moved out of the way just in time. Their 8-month-old daughter, who is usually downstairs, went to bed early that night.


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