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VIDEO: Psychiatrist gives advice, tips to parents about mental illness in young adults

11:57 AM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - Young adults go through multiple changes in a short amount of time; while 80 percent find ways to cope with the changes, 20 percent of young adults are overpowered by a chemical imbalance and develop a mental illness.

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Dr. Joseph Sison, a psychiatrist working both in a private practice and for the Sacramento County, said young adults have to adjust to moving away from home, going to college, being away from their families and being alone. For some, these changes in their lives could trigger changes in their personality.

The 20 percent of young adults start to lose their sense of self. Sison said their moods start changing and can start to display symptoms of depression, but they won't notice these changes in themselves.

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"When something goes wrong with a part of the body, your brain takes over and goes 'ah ha, you need to go see a doctors for this, things are just not right,'" Sison explained. "But when something goes wrong with the brain what takes over? No one, nothing really. So the insight goes, and you need actually other people to kinda help you deal with it."

Sison said parents should look for several changes and markers in their young adult children that could lead to an early diagnosis of an mental illness. Keeping a line of communication open with their children will help notice parents notice mood swings and changes in behavior.

Watch Dr. Joseph Sison's unedited and extended interview for advice and tips to parents and guardians about mental illness in young adults.


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