Koi story: Auburn woman seeks homes for 2,000 fish

7:42 AM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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AUBURN, CA - A woman who stocked her pond with eight koi a dozen years ago is now wondering what to do with a population that has grown to an estimated 2,000 fish.

"I have a big problem," said Joan Levy.  "I need to get rid of the fish."

Levy wants to drain the pond, but doesn't want to kill the koi.

West Sacramento koi breeder and dealer Anthony Quintero of Koi Enterprise said koi reproduce rapidly and can eventually overwhelm a residential pond.

"We hear that a lot," said Quintero.  "It's actually a very common occurrence."

Koi is a carefully bred ornamental carp originally from Japan that can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Quintero said Levy is unlikely sitting on a gold mine because her koi have been allowed to breed indiscriminately.

"She may have 2,000 (ordinary) carp," he said.

Levy isn't interested in getting any money for her fish-- she just wants them to leave her yard alive.

"They need a good home," she said.

Quintero said there are a number of local koi enthusiasts who may be willing to relocate the fish, and expected one or more would respond to this story.

Update, Sept. 10:  Levy's son, Chris, said the family has found homes for all of the koi and wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming response.

by George Warren, GWarren@news10.net 


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