Rocklin Republicans celebrate RNC vice president pick

12:08 AM, Aug 30, 2012   |    comments
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ROCKLIN, CA - Placer County Republicans gathered Wednesday night to watch Rep. Paul Ryan make his debut speech at the Republican National Convention in Florida.

"I think he did a real good job," Republican stalwart Dave Patterson said. "He did a good job of making himself real, for me."

The gathering at a Rocklin pizza parlor clapped often as Ryan painted a picture of himself as a devoted father from small-town America who stands for core American values.

"Despite all odds and losing his father when he was 16 and his mom struggling to support the family, that they made it!" said Monique Monique Margaux of Rocklin, who added she thinks it's time for an R and R ticket, for Romney and Ryan.

Several attendees agreed Ryan's strong suit is his reputation as a policy wonk and House architect of the Republican fiscal plan.

"Let's put it this way, if I was Joe Biden and I had to debate Paul Ryan, I'd take the night off," Placer County Republican Party Vice Chairman Ed Rowen said.

William Hamilton of Roseville credited Ryan with reaching out to try to embrace all American's.

"Bring everybody up with us, I think that's the message for Mitt Romney and for Paul Ryan; come with us on the journey and we'll all do it together."


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