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'Speed Freak Killer' Wesley Shermantine released to aid search for more victims

7:48 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
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Wesley Shermantine

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, CA - A source says so-called "Speed Freak Killer" Wesley Shermantine was temporarily released from San Quentin's death row to aid the FBI in the search for additional victims.

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The source, only identified as an employee with California parole, confirmed Shermantine was escorted over the weekend to San Joaquin County. Shermantine claims there are four wells with as many as 72 bodies in them.

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On Monday, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who has offered to pay Shermantine for information leading to potential additional victims, said FBI investigators took the convicted murderer to Flood Road at Waverly Road in Linden where there are three or four wells.

"I told him a dozen times he'd better be right, otherwise, that'll be the last time outside those walls if he's wrong," said Padilla.

The FBI would not comment.

Meanwhile, another source close to the investigation said  Shermantine spent two hours in the Linden area just before dawn Sunday. He was escorted by about 10 people. Shermantine pointed out four sites to law enforcement. They took down GPS coordinates so crews could return to dig later.

There's no word yet when crews will be digging at the sites Shermantine directed law enforcement to.

"They've got the GPS locations. The next step is to do a forensically correct dig. Not with backhoes, but a forensically correct dig," said Padilla.

Assem. Cathleen Galgiani, D-Stockton, sponsored AB 2357 earlier this year giving the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation authority to transport an inmate for the purpose of recovering the remains of victims and other evidence associated with a crime.


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