Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition released in North America

6:32 PM, Aug 27, 2012   |    comments
Namco Bandai's 'Dark Souls'
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Namco Bandai has released PC title Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in North America.  The game is available through Steam and GameStop Impulse.

The content-enhanced edition of action-RPG Dark Souls was developed by FromSoftware and has been finely-tuned for the PC gaming audience while retaining the intense challenge, rich atmosphere, and compelling gameplay that made the game a worldwide phenomenon.

In addition to the enchanced online player vs player mode allowing players to assemble battles against one another in an all-out fight to the death, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition also includes sprawling new maps and environments; new boss characters, enemies and NPCs; an arsenal of new weapons and armor; and additional challenging content for stalwart heroes to face as they return to the deadly world of Lordran. 

Players will also experience an as yet untold chapter in Dark Souls lore set in the dying kingdom of magic known as Oolacile.  Unwillingly taken by the abyss and sent back in time, players will become the only thing that can save Oolacile from the spreading darkness that threatens to engulf the kingdom and all of its people. 

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is rated "M for Mature" by the ESRB.


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