Student assistants to lose jobs in budget cuts

7:42 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - It's an agreement between Gov. Jerry Brown and the SEIU Union tucked in a side letter to the union's contract:

"The state shall eliminate all non-represented student assistants/student aides/residential aides, who are performing Local 1000 bargaining unit work, by September 1, 2012."

It may help pare down state budget expenses, but it's another blow to the students who rely on the jobs to help them get through school.

"This is all happening at one time," CSU Sacramento Junior Kristy Crocker. "Our tuition is constantly rising, there's no way to afford this."

"I'm so frustrated," Sac State Graduate Student Kelsey Campbell said. "This is sort of the straw that broke the camel's back for me. The only way I'm able to go to school is because I have this job and I mean you can go out and look at the other job market, look at retail and food service, but, if you don't have the hours, they don't work around your schedule."

It's the flexible hours they're able to work that make the jobs so attractive to students.

"Our bosses are very understanding," Department of Justice student assistant Edward Henry said. "Our schedule is completely set up around our school schedule."

Students said they're actually saving the departments money by doing the jobs they do.

"Basically, it's all the stuff that's extra, all the stuff that's really time consuming that students can do really easily, especially with our wacky schedules," Campbell explained. "It costs a lot more to hire a permanent employee to scan (documents) all day long when you could hire five students for the price of one person. They get five times the amount of work."

CSU Sacramento is offering job training and resume preparation assistance to help the students and has scheduled an employer networking event next week.

By Jonathan Mumm,


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