Deputy survives gunman's ambush, honored for courage

6:51 PM, Aug 7, 2012   |    comments
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MODESTO, CA - The surviving deputy of a gunman's ambush receives the Medal of Valor from the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors for his courage under fire.

On April 12, Stanislaus County sheriff's Deputy Mike Glinskas prepared to execute a home eviction on a Chrysler Drive apartment in Modesto. He had done civil evictions before with his partner Deputy Robert Paris at the door and locksmith Glendon Engert drilling out the lock. But this time would be tragically different.

"We walked up to this house: green, cut lawn, no signs," said Glinskas. "We knocked on the door, and then all of a sudden a volley of rounds started coming through the front door."

Glinskas was the only man who would survive when a gunman hidden inside opened fire on the door.

"The initial shock is you can't believe you're being shot at. And then after that you're trying to neutralize a subject you can't see, because he's shooting basically through a window and closed blinds," Glinskas explained. 

Glinskas was positioned diagonally from the gunman's door and survived by jumping backward, before returning fire on the man who had just killed his partner and friend.

"I ended up hurting my left leg, but I returned several rounds before taking cover behind a small palm tree and waiting for help to arrive after I called out," Glinskas said.

His top priority was not letting the gunman leave the home and potentially shooting into the neighborhood.

What later ensued was one of the biggest standoffs in county history. The gunman later took his own life and the home burned to the ground.

On Tuesday, Glinskas was honored for his courage with the Medal of Valor, but it's an honor he'd exchange to have his friends back.

"I never wanted this award," Glinskas said. "I wish somehow it ended differently and Bob and Glendon had just gotten wounded and survived."


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