Website connects women who want breast implant surgery with donors

7:14 PM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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Nicole Gomes

SACRAMENTO, CA - Nicole Gomes knows what she wants and she's not shy about asking for them.

"I want big boobies. I want big old ta-tas," Gomes said with a big old smile.

Gomes just signed up with a Bay Area-based Website called that connects women seeking breast implants with donors (mostly men) who are willing to pay for them.

"I've had two children, so I'm kind of sagging in that area," said Gomes, 24, a graphic designer. "I didn't get the big boob gene from my mom and it's not something I would be able to afford by myself."

Gomes said her husband told her about the site after his sister, who lives in Missouri, used it to collect $8,000 for breast implants.

Gomes said she hopes to raise $7,500 to take her from a size B to a size D, and she insists she's not willing to do anything sleazy to get there.

"If you're a pretty girl, guys ask you vulgar things all the time.  So why not get something awesome out of it, like some new big old boobs?"

Blogger and social commentator John Marcotte, who runs the Website, has his own take on MyFreeImplants.

"Women are trading on their looks and selling the possibility of companionship and guys are willing to pay for it," Marcotte said. "It's a lot like a strip club." 

MyFreeImplants co-founder Jay Moore said he's heard all the criticism before.

"Blaming men (or the site founders) for women CHOOSING to use is as dumb as blaming women for men's toupees, braces, or penile enlargement pills," Moore wrote in an email. "And that's pretty damned funny."

Moore said nearly 1,000 women have received free implants through the site, which launched in 2005.

He said many women achieve success simply by exchanging email with prospective donors.

"These are guys who want some company, but don't want so spend money at bars," Moore said.

Gomes said it may take longer to reach her goal if she doesn't exchange racy photographs, but said she's patient.

"A lot of people will probably think it's ridiculous, but other women have already succeeded in this," she said. "So why not?"

By George Warren, 


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