Man attacks, attempts to rape American River College student

10:23 PM, Jul 19, 2012   |    comments
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Police drawing of assailant in Arcade Creek trail attack near American River College, July 16, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA - A young woman walking alone on the Arcade Trail near the American River College campus said she was almost a victim of a sexual assault.

The victim told Sacramento County sheriff's deputies that around 7 p.m. Monday, a large man ambushed her from behind. The suspect wrapped his arm around the victim's neck and put a knife to her side.

According to the victim, her attacker told her he was going to rape and kill her. She was able to break away and run, but the suspect also managed to escape and deputies are asking the public to help find him.

On the college campus, students said they're not surprised by the attack since the campus has seen several in recent months.

"There were at least two last semester where I actually saw postings around campus about them," junior Elizabeth Kucmeko said.

"It happens around here a lot," sophomore Cassandra Hall said.
"It's not a great area."

The college didn't post any bulletins about the recent attack on campus that were visible to News10 crews Thursday afternoon. Two hand-made signs were taped near the trail's entrance warning walkers about the Monday evening attack.

"We live right behind the campus and I told my wife not to walk along the trail alone," Eric Philson said. "There are no postings on the opposite side."

"I live in the development near the campus, and we didn't hear about it either," Crystal Dunlap said. "There are no postings in the development either."

Campus police said they don't patrol the trail, because it is outside the campus and belongs to the county jurisdiction.

The suspect is described as a white man in his mid to late 20s. He's almost 6 feet tall and weighs between 180-200 lbs. He was clean-shaven with short blonde hair. He was seen riding a blue BMX bicycle.


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