Goal-line technology finally approved in soccer

12:49 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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In a move many felt long overdue, the international governing body of soccer (IFAB) announced on Thursday that goal-line technology will be put into place as soon as the new year.

Despite objections from some football purists, many fans, owners and coaches have been calling for a form of instant replay to be put into place in order to reverse false goals, or count goals that should have been given, but were not.

The two systems being considered for use, Hawkeye and Goal Ref, will have to be licensed, installed and tested prior to implementation. Hawkeye utilizes cameras to ascertain whether a ball has crossed the line, while Goal Ref uses a system of magnetic fields.

English Football Association general secretary Alex Horne stated, "We believe that it is a great day for football. From an English perspective today is a hugely important day, it is a cause we have had on our agenda for a number of years. This is about having the right technology helping the referee in a relatively rare occurrence - the scoring of a goal.''

No information was released as to how the system will be used during a match.  Several possibilities include allowing a coach to challenge a goal from the sideline, having referees in a booth call down to the field in the instance of a tight decision, or reviewing every goal, as is the case with touchdowns in the National Football League.

However either system is employed, it is hoped that goal-line technology will wipe out game-changing missed calls and at least "some" controversy in the game moving forward.


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