Mountain lion spotted several times in Foresthill since Nevada County attack

12:10 AM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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FORESTHILL, CA - Just days after a mountain lion attacked a Bay Area man camping near Nevada City, a mountain lion was spotted in Foresthill. 

Several residents of the Baker Ranch Mobile Home Park in Foresthill spotted the animal Monday night.

"Two nights ago, I heard a big thud sound and I actually thought a car had run into the front of my house."

It turned out that a mountain lion jumped onto the roof of Debbie Castro's home.

"It went from my roof down onto my front deck," Castro recalled.

She said the animal then took off.

Residents saw the animal again in the same place around noon on the Fourth of July.

"This mountain lion was right here, not even caring that we're screaming to get dogs into the house," Castro said.

"It was huge! It was huge!" Connie Cortese said. "I was scared. I was scared for my dog even though he's part pit bull."

Castro called the Placer County Sheriff's Department and the Department of Fish and Game. They came out, measured the animal's paw prints, and estimate that it probably weighs about 160 pounds.

Mountain lions can travel 60 miles a day so it is possible that the animal spotted in Foresthill may be the same animal involved in the Nevada County attack.

There have only been 15 confirmed mountain lion attacks since 1890.

The Department of Fish and Game said they will put up traps to capture the animal.

If they find it, they say they will put the animal down.

By Suzanne Phan,


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