Deputies raid Farmer's Daughter Restaurant looking for pot

6:31 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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  • Shelby Lucero
  • Robert Sand

SACRAMENTO, CA- Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies have served a search warrant at a restaurant they say was a cover for a marijuana dispensary operation.

Sheriff's spokesman Jason Ramos said they served a warrant this morning at The Farmer's Daughter on El Camino Avenue near Watt Avenue. Their website describes them as having local specialty foods and a cafe.

"Intelligence information shows the majority of people coming here were coming for these purposes rather than to patronize the restaurant," Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Ramos says they have been investigating this restaurant for some time and they were able to serve the search warrant Wednesday morning. He says they have found marijuana, baked goods and lollypops so far.

Ramos said he believes the restaurant was a guise for the marijuana operation.

The restaurant's owners, Robert Sand, 64, and Shelby Lucero, 50, were also arrested and booked on felony charges including possession of marijuana for sale, unlawful production and cultivation of marijuana, and criminal conspiracy.

Outside the restaurant, medical marijuana patients were outraged.

"It's a violation of our rights," medical marijuana patient Richard Miller said. "They would rather us be all drugged up on medications. Rather than using wholistic medicines."

"These places inevitably have calls for service that generate criminal activity, assaults robberies, burglaries during closed business hours," Ramos said.

The restaurants' owners are being held on $250,000 bail.


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