Fire officials imploring safety on opening day of fireworks sales

1:54 PM, Jun 28, 2012   |    comments
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  • "Safe and sane" legal fireworks in California
  • Illegal California fireworks

SACRAMENTO -  Being smart when lighting off fireworks is a topic that arises every year around the Fourth of July. But with Sacramento's extremely dry conditions this year, being safe and sensible with fireworks is more important than ever.

Fireworks go on sale at stands throughout the county at noon  Thursday and fire officials are urging individuals to utilize safe and sensible practices when celebrating the Fourth.

Earlier this week, fire officials held a press conference reminding everyone of the zero tolerance policy in regards to buying or selling illegal fireworks.

The illegal fireworks are the ones that explode, leave the ground, or move around on the ground uncontrollably.

The easiest way to prevent firework-related fires, is to only purchase safe and sane fireworks. Those are typically the items that display the state fire marshal seal of approval on the package.

Fireworks will be on sale through noon on July 6th.


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