Stockton hopes to escape Top 10 crime list

5:46 PM, Jun 18, 2012   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Once again, the city of Stockton is ranked by the FBI as the 10th most dangerous city, based on numbers of violent crimes.

STORY: FBI's Top 10 most dangerous cities

Last year in Stockton there were 14.1 crimes per thousand people.  In 2010, when the city was also at number 10 on that list, the figure was 13.8 crimes per thousand residents.

Even though the city is considering declaring bankruptcy, there is money in the budget for new officers, and Police Chief Eric Jones said there could be 10 additional officers added in the next month.

"The one proven deterrent, according to a lot of studies, is a high visible police presence.  It won't happen overnight, but we're hoping for a good impact," said Jones.

It takes months for officers to be hired after going through interviews, a polygraph, background and credit checks.

Stockton has the funds to raise the current officer total from 319 to 344.  At that point, federal funding will help Stockton hire 17 more officers.  At one time, when the economy was obviously much stronger, Stockton had 441 officers on the streets.




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