Butte County mom faces child abuse charges for smoking pot then breast feeding

7:44 PM, May 30, 2012   |    comments
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BUTTE COUNTY, CA - Daisy Bram is due in court in another week and may discover then whether or not she will be held to answer for charges of child abuse and child endangerment.

Earlier, the charges had been dropped, but in March they were refiled by the Butte County District Attorney.

"There is some dispute as to whether it relates to my consumption of cannabis while breast feeding or whether it was pot on the floor that got there during the raid," said Bram.

The raid came last Sept. 29 and police audio tape of the incident has made the rounds on the internet. On the tape, Bram is clearly distraught and in distress over welfare workers attempting to take away her two babies. At the time, one was a newborn and the other 15 months old. 

Despite having what Bram claims was legal medical marijuana in their possession, she and her husband Jayme were charged with cultivating marijuana and possessing it for sale. They were also charged with felony child abuse and endangerment, but those charges were dismissed and the children were returned.

Now those charges have been refiled against her.

Her use of medical marijuana was for pain in her hand after surgery. For the time being, she isn't using pot nor any other pain killer. She doesn't believe using marijuana while breast feeding is harmful to the infant.

"The science supporting marijuana concentrating through breast milk is slim at best, contradictory at best," she said, "I think that what we should be more concerned about are the women drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking addictive pain killers, all of which are perfectly acceptable."

A preliminary hearing is set for June 11.


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