How would YOU curb gangs?

6:59 PM, May 7, 2012   |    comments
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Resources to curb gangs and violence are usually limited. So what would you do? News10 viewers sound off on Facebook with suggestions ranging from mentoring to legalizing the drug trade to public hangings. Here's a sample:

- Candie T. Put more money/volunteers into schools and school/recreation sports and activities. An educated child who is involved in anything that is positive in his community has no time for anything that is not productive. If you don't give a child purpose and something to do,they will have to much time on their hands to choose the wrong things. It also creates a safe environment so kids can just be kids and not thugs.

- Robert D. Jr Legalize ,regulate & tax the drug trade! The gangs finances will dry up, no more kids seeing the neighborhood gangbanger flossing the nicest cars & nicest cloths in their hoods.

- Paul Priscilla O. Putting a dent in gangs is like pulling a leaf off a tree! They grow faster and stronger! Just leave em be and stay away! They will always be around. 

- Michelle T. Stronger penalties. Also removal of children from the home...otherwise those children will be the next generation of gang members. It may be too late to turn some of the current gang members. But it is never too early to nip the next generation in the bud

- Scott H. Load their guns and fire back!

- Jeanne B. Engaging the "at risk" kids in other activities, such as youth football, wrestling, maybe a dog training program. Something that will catch their interest and keep them from being bored and submitting to the peer pressure of the gangs

- Michael K. If you really want to put a big dent in gangs, stop glorifying it in the music and on television.

- Darren W. Send the gangs to a illsand and let them kill eachother off

- Chris B. Better public education across the board, but specifically for lower income students. The more opportunities there are for inner city and low income kids to become successful the less likely they are to become gang bangers.

- Eric D. Instant death penalty...better yet put bounty on gangbangers heads. $1000 each one dead or alive. would save a lot of money for the jail care.

- Karen G. You cannot force parents to be good parents but you can withhold their welfare check if their kids are in gang or not attending school. There has to be some sort of consequence to not parenting. The could also start things like Midnight Basketball at some of the churches and places that courts....give kids a place to go besides the streets and is a place where they can connect with mentor's while doing something they like.

- Michelle F. Gangs stem from poverty. End poverty, hunger and drug abuse and you will end gangs.

- Brian L. It seems that many had better learn that there are millions of parents who could give a damn about their kids, and are not going to step up and be responsible parents. With that, we need to choose whether we keep blaming the parents or take some societal responsibility. It's either that, or things will surely get worse, and by many of the comments on this thread, the answer to help these children would be better answered by simply killing them, and that is easily a large part of the problem, and most certainly not a solution.

- Skip J. Gangs are domestic terrorists, patriot act should suffice. I say a two strike law for validated gang members.

- Debbie Dean D. If each major business in the Sacramento area or any area infested in gang activity and violence, would mentor two of these juveniles at Junior High School age till they graduate high school...give them hope and a chance at a better life...Not only would they give back to the community and change things...

- Edward F S. Stricter guns laws only make it more difficult for law abiding folks to own guns. Criminals will always be able to get guns. Marcos,Obama can do nothing to stop gang violence. Curbing gangs starts at home with proper parenting. Unsupervised kids join gangs. 

- Jessie A. for people that keep saying parenting...newsflash! that's not going to happen. Not everyone is blessed with good parents, and not all gang members have bad parents. It's a culture, especially in poor neighborhoods. For people who say citizens need to arm themselves....where do you think gangs get their guns from? They don't do it legally. they don't have permits. They steal our guns. So how is adding more guns going to help anything? you have to make tougher laws for gang members. The sad part is that a lot of gangs don't mind being locked up. It's a thing of honor and besides, they're going to have fellow gang members on the inside anyway, so why should they care? 















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