What's Buggin' You? Bird droppings in Downtown Sacramento

2:01 PM, Mar 6, 2012   |    comments
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What's Buggin' You with Kate Larsen

SACRAMENTO, CA - Birds in Downtown Sacramento are forcing people to duck for cover near the Convention Center. There are thousands of crows roosting in the trees on 13th Street between J and I Streets. As a result, bird droppings cover the street and the sidewalk and it's bugging people who work in the area.

"It looks like nobody takes care of the city, it's dirty," says George Muntean, who owns a soup and sandwich store nearby. Muntean says nobody parks or walks on the street with the bird droppings. "It's awful, I have people who have to go a block away to come to my shop."

The crows roost in the trees overnight and are most active early in the morning before they fly away for the day. Just before sunrise, as the birds wake up, you can hear them calling to each other.

"It's not a great appearance for anyone that's visiting the convention center," says Peter Tiberini who helps manage the parking garage on 13th Street.

Garage employees and monthly parkers, many of whom carry umbrellas to avoid falling bird droppings, deal with the brunt of the mess. Tiberini says garage employees have even started power washing the sidewalks, but says the streets are really the City of Sacramento's responsibility.

Tiberini purchased a predatory bird calling machine that he hopes will scare away the crows. He hasn't installed the device yet, but says he got the idea because he heard a similar machine, making bird-like noises, near Sacramento City Hall. City Hall is just four blocks away from the Convention Center and has the same type of trees, but there are very few if any birds roosting in the area.

News10 Reporter, Kate Larsen, called the Mayor Kevin Johnson's office who acknowledged the birds and said they would look into the problem. News10 will continue to follow this story, especially after learning that according to the CDC, there may be health problems associated with exposure to bird droppings.

If something is bugging you, bug Kate Larsen!You can email her at bugkate@news10.net.


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