Game Guys review - Little Deviants

5:40 PM, Feb 25, 2012   |    comments
  • 'Little Deviants' for PS Vita.
  • 'Little Deviants' for PS Vita.
  • 'Little Deviants' for PS Vita.
  • 'Little Deviants' for PS Vita.
  • 'Little Deviants' for PS Vita.
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Back in the black-and-white days of broadcast television, an iconic show called 'The Little Rascals' won over viewers nationwide.  Fast forward a half-dozen decades or so and owners of the newly-released PlayStation Vita will find the similarly-titled game Little Deviants.  Do the Deviants measure up to the Rascals?  Safe to say, no.

Little Deviants is a collection of unlockable minigame-like activities that showcase the various control schemes and features of the PlayStation Vita.  In this way, Little Deviants is not so much a game as it is a lengthy hands-on demonstration of what the platform can do.  It is probably because of how unfocused and demo-like this title's activities are that the enjoyment one would get from this title is as short-lived as it is.

One thing that this title does provide players is a diverse gameplay experience which can only be found on the Vita.  There are many activities that make good use of the Vita's rear touchpad, using it to manipulate the in-game environment to move a ball-shaped Deviant (the goofy characters featured within this title), bop robots in a shooting gallery style minigame, and so on.  Likewise for the device's cameras and accelerometer/gyroscope features with its augmented reality activities.  Most all of these activities are fun the first time through (though some are outright duds), but they quickly lose what little charm they have when they're replayed.

To string all of these under-inspired minigames together is a paper-thin storyline about how the Deviants crashed upon a planet and need to rebuild their ship, but it's a plotline that is practically non-existent.  Those behind this title made an obviously feeble attempt to add some in-game collectibles by hiding little cat-like critters on each level to find and giving different awards depending on how the player scored on each individual activity, but it doesn't provide enough of an incentive for the user to continue playing unless he's on a very long family road trip.

The overall feeling one gets after spending some time with Little Deviants is that the title fees like a gimmick.  There is no real lasting appeal, no real depth, and it comes off almost as a "Look what the Vita can do" tool for owners to use to convince their gaming friends to buy a Vita for themselves.

Final Game Guys grade: C-

(SCEA provided a copy of this game for review.)


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