Game Guys preview - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer

1:37 AM, Feb 16, 2012   |    comments
'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' from Capcom.
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So you want to be a zombie eh? In Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, we will finally get to take part in the grandiose play of the zombie apocalypse. With that being said, this is the first time I actually got the chance to enjoy the transformation from being a survivor to becoming diseased and just hunting for anything that was moving.

Having only seen this game almost eight months ago at E3, it had become a foggy memory amidst the winter deluge of titles and the spring aftermath. Now, it has become something that I have never experienced in a video game before. Not saying that it has never been done before, but the feeling from going from hero to villain in seconds really changes the entire scope of the ebb and flow of this impressive 3rd person shooter from the team that has given us a couple of SOCOM iterations.

RE:RC is bringing us back to the place where it all began. Set in all places of 1998, we are catapulted into a world of Eddie Bauer and boy bands. For example, the storylines of both RE:2 and e are happening during this event. Only in this world, there is an evil corporation that is only trying to make the world a better place with the beauty of gene splicing and With the Umbrella corporation on the ups, they decided to release a virus into their home offices, which spread out into the outlying city. Of course this was not entirely planned for and the big wigs at umbrella have a team to clean up situations like this. In this case, they had set up a security team called the Umbrella Security Service (USS). In this situation, they are here to eliminate any threats that might exist to the company and then to the outlying areas.

At the same time, the US government had also gotten wind of what was happening in Raccoon City. In turn, they had thought that it was in the best interests of the country to send in an elite squad of Special Operations into the fray to make heads and tails of the situation (Spec Ops). What happens next is the tale of two powerful factions trying to balance the table of power for the future of the world.

This is where the game begins to play out. For the preview of the multiplayer, we were pitted against each other by the causes that we stood by. In the game of the corporations vs. the government, it's a survivor take all challenge to see who has more power. Now, in avoidance to talking about any political implications that this game might have in carrying over into our world, no one really wins. The multiplayer really just places you into the front lines of this world. You will get the choice of being on either side and it is up to you how you choose to play the part.

Along with the game already! You will be set up in a four v. four situation, USS versus Umbrella. Your goal is to stop the other team from completing their goal, whichever it may be. In the demonstrations that were available, we were pitted against each other in a game of domination in all the areas of Raccoon City. At the same time, you have to deal with all the folks that are stricken with the T and G virus. If you happen to come into contact with one of these creatures, they have the ability to diminish your humanity with their disease and cause you to loose your senses. If you happen to get hurt by one of the "zombies", you will have limited abilities where you will have to rely on your aggressive tendencies and strike out at anyone that comes in your path.

The two modes that I had a chance to play were Survivor and Hero mode. In survivor it embodies the standard 4 on 4 death match gameplay that we have come to expect from other games like Gears of War and SOCOM. As for Heroes mode, you get to play the part of a character that is taking a part in that timeline to play out a side story of what could have happened if things went the way that you played them out to be.

Yes, you get to play as Leon, and Claire. You will also get to play as many others that had existed in that universe at that time. It is up to you to make sure that they either survive or die. Another interesting step that hey have take is by mixing the stereotypes that have been associated with other online games of this nature. For example, the demolition expert is a woman and the medic is a burly biker thug. This type of design is a highly welcomed aspect of this genre where we most often see the opposite.

Some exciting bits about this mode are in the subtle nuances. Each hero in Raccoon City has multiple death moves to dispatch their foes. In one case, the Demolition specialist is able to shove a sticky grenade down the throat of his enemies before they explode into tiny little bits. These special kills are also class specific where each style of combatant is awarded with two separate moves for brutally demolishing their enemies. Yes, that means two special death moves per character.

As for the combat in the game aside from the shooting, everyone will be able to take part in melee combat that is extremely brutal and, violent. The best example of this was seen from the perspective of an infected human player trying to survive against the opposing team. As the infected human ran around, others were trying to stop him from completing the plans from the Spec ops team. In this case, he was being dismembered while at the same time attacking his opponent. Only to be sent to the respawn after what it seemed like forever.

For the time being, this is a welcomed change of pace to the zombie genre. By being able to successfully integrate bothe elements of survival and competitive death match, RE:RC has captured the essence of what we have been waiting for in this genre for years.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City will be available on March 20th, 2012. Buy it.

- by John Speerbrecker for's Game Guys


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