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Davis family takes a vow of frugality by not spending money during February

12:39 PM, Feb 7, 2012   |    comments
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DAVIS, CA - It started as an idea for a Davis family of six, that quickly developed a life of its own.

The Dunnings took a vow to stop spending money, not a single dime, for the month of February.

"We were bothered about how much money we spent over the holidays and on a day to day basis, stuff we didn't really need," parent Shelley Dunning said.

Shelley decided to go all the way with the experiment, So on Jan. 31, they went shopping for a lot of groceries.

Shelley said the family will be eating a lot of beans, rice and frozen meat. The only thing the family plans to spend money on is fresh milk for the kids.

The Dunnings are also walking everywhere instead of driving. Both Bob and Shelley work from home, which helps will make things easier.

"We're not using the car that much and walking the kids to school, it's been refreshing and fun, a great bonding experience," Shelley Dunning said. 

The family put all miscellaneous spending on hold.

A few days into the month and the kids are thinking about stuff they don't really need.

"I wanted to go to Dollar Tree after school this week until I realized we weren't spending money, so I made a wallet out of duct tape for a friend's birthday gift," 9-year old Molly Dunning said.

However, not everyone is on board.

"I have a lot of money I want to spend," Mick Dunning said.

Other than Mick, the Dunning's are open to this real-time life lesson in frugality and family.


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