Sacramentans bugged by leaf piles, the lack of parking and pick-up

1:19 PM, Dec 19, 2011   |    comments
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What's Buggin' You with Kate Larsen

SACRAMENTO - "They're out of control every year this time of year. It gets piled up pretty high in front of our house," says Aaron Holliday about the enormous leaf piles taking up valuable sidewalk space in front of his home in River Park.

It's not hard to find Sacramentans upset about the mounds of dry leaves collecting in their neighborhoods. "People are cleaning up their yards, they're piling more and more up on the street and that's affecting on-street parking," says Jim Reilley who lives in Land Park.

Holliday has a similar story about parking which he says can be hard to find when leaf piles the length of busses are lining the sidewalk. "When they have leaves piled up in front of their building, they park in front of ours. And then we have leaves in front of our building so they're parked all the way down the street."

Reilley has his own theories about why the leaf piles continue to grow larger and larger.  "I think the reason is the city is trying to delay pickups in order to let as many leaves fall down as possible because they want to limit the number of pickups because of budget concerns."

Jessica Hess, a spokeswoman for the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities, says crews try to pick up the leaves once every two weeks but don't typically get there on days when the customer's containers are collected. Hess says the City is "always behind during leaf season" but that they try and stick to their two-week schedule which is posted online.

News10's Kate Larsen is going head back to Land Park and East Sacramento to see if the Department of Utilities is sticking to its schedule. Look for an update next week. And, if something is buggin' you, then bug Kate. You can email her at


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