Potholes patched after News10 viewer reports problem to Kate Larsen

11:48 AM, Dec 12, 2011   |    comments
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What's Buggin' You with Kate Larsen

SACRAMENTO, CA - What's Buggin' You is working! The stories you, our News10 viewers, generate are solving problems and getting great results.

Six weeks ago, some rough roads in South Sacramento were bugging News10 viewer Cat Johnson so much, she got in touch with Kate Larsen who reported on the problem. Today, potholes on Power Inn Road near Florin Road are no longer rattling chasis and jarring drivers.

"That truck going by would have made a lot more noise. Clunka, clunka, clunka. A lot of the spots have been fixed, potholes filled in, a lot smoother," says Cat Johnson who adds, "having Kate come out and do it was the key to getting it fixed."

Reza Moghissi, Chief Operations and Maintenance for Sacramento County's Department of Transportation says. "Soon after we received that complaint, our crews came out here and repaired [the roads] with a skin patch, patching small areas of the pavement." Moghissi says the patches will last several years, after which SAC DOT would like to repave the entire road.

"I am definitely less bugged, I wanna thank you for taking care of me and our members and our business," says Johnson.

If something is bugging you, then bug Kate! You can email her at bugkate@news10.net.


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