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Davis pizza store loses $200 in fake orders for Lt. John Pike

8:39 PM, Nov 23, 2011   |    comments
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DAVIS, CA - Police are trying to figure out who is making fake orders at a Davis Domino's store using an address posted online as Lt. John Pike's. 

Owner Jose Delgado believes the orders are a prank against Lt. Pike, who pepper-sprayed protesters last Friday at UC Davis.

According Delgado, an unknown person made more than 40 orders to his Domino's store, on the 2000 block of Lyndell Terrace. 

"That is unfortunate," Assistant Professor at UC Davis Matthew Stratton said. "I think if anything it speaks to the fact that people aren't quite sure whom to hold responsible or how to react in the face of these kinds of situations."

The first order was placed on Friday night around 9 p.m. A Domino's worker delivered to the address provided, but a man answered the door and said he didn't order the pizza, Delgado said.

On Saturday, the same situation occurred. When more orders were placed on Sunday, Delgado realized the orders were fake and refused service.

Delgado filed an incident report with the City of Davis Police on Tuesday. According to the report, Delgado said the unknown person provides Lt. John Pike's personal cell phone number and Pike's phone number at the UC Davis Police Department when requesting the order.

At least 10 orders were made online Tuesday, according to the incident report.

There is now a sign hanging on the door, where pranksters believe Lt. Pike lives, which reads "John Pike doesn't live here. Students live here."

"It's hard to see someone that you like and enjoy their company too see make such an astronomical mistake," said Josh Booth, who knew Lt. Pike when he lived at the former address. "They were nice people, adorable people. I was really sad when I saw the (pepper spray) video...because obviously, there's no excuse for that."

Delgado estimates he lost about $200 due to the fake pizza orders on Friday and Saturday. He said he is disappointed because he did not have anything to do with the pepper spray incident.

Graduate student Tori White called the pranks an "unfortunate distraction."

"I do really regret the negative backlash and I just hope that it doesn't draw too much attention from the initial problem which is the fee hikes -- which are just outrageous," White said.


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