What's Buggin' You? Update! Street lamp repairs are two steps forward, one step back and Caltrans says Lincoln driveway is safe

11:17 AM, Nov 15, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA -- The basic idea behind the "What's Buggin' You?" series is to provide weekly reports about whatever is bugging you, our viewers, in your neighborhood. Sometimes we might be able to solve a problem, sometimes it might be a matter of clearing up confusion or a community misunderstanding. But for the most part, these stories and "bugs" require follow-up and persistent reporting.

So, periodically you will see "What's Buggin' You?" updates because life's little (and big) bugs don't always run their course during a five-day work week.

In the first "What's Buggin' You?" update, we return to the issue of street lamp outages and copper wire thefts. Because of our reporting, the Sacramento County Department of Transportation was able to repair a darkened street lamp, bugging a viewer on a busy street in Carmichael.

John Ronkowski, a maintenance manager at SAC DOT, says the county has repaired about 120 street lamps since the story aired three weeks ago. Ronkowski says unfortunately while the county has made progress, copper wire thieves are getting even more aggressive.

"There's a lot of frustration because were losing ground. Get one repaired, get two calls come in."

On the bright side (pun intended), SAC DOT has hired an outside contractor to help with the added work and so far the repair jobs, which include welding covers shut, are working! "The things that we've secured over the last three weeks have held so we haven't had any reoccurrences in those areas," says Ronkowski.

In another follow-up, viewer Joe Bennett was concerned about drivers turning left across double yellow lines on Highway 65 into a shopping center parking lot. In California, it is legal turn left across solid yellow lines when turning into a driveway, but Bennett believes this particular turn and driveway is an accident waiting to happen.

Caltrans spokesman, Dennis Keaton, emailed reporter Kate Larsen after engineers looked into the problem and wrote. "Our traffic safety engineer looked into this matter and advised me there was no need to to take any action at this time. There is no data to support putting a raised concrete divider into this left turn location...."

Larsen spoke followed up with Bennett who says he's still concerned. "It still bugs me a little, but and I'm afraid that one of these days there will be a traffic accident there. I hope I'm wrong. That would be great with me." Bennett adds, "maybe the people that watch News10 have seen this and go, you know what, the guy's kinda' right, maybe we need to slow down in that area."

Each "What's Buggin' You?" story is generated by you, our viewers. This means News10 needs your help to keep the ball rolling and the bug spray flowing to hopefully exterminate some of your problems.

If there's something buggin' you, bug kate by emailing her at bugkate@news10.net.


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