Kings Donte' Greene talks NBA Lockout and Goon Squad Classic

1:29 AM, Nov 9, 2011   |    comments
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BALTIMORE, MD - Kings forward Donte' Greene caught up with News10 from his home in Baltimore via skype to talk about his upcoming basketball charity game and his hopes for an NBA season.

"I truly believe we will be back by December," said Greene. "They say maybe Christmas or maybe New Year's but I think we should be back by December you can't hold out too long, you have to do what is right."

Greene's answer came on the heels of the Players Union saying, 'No Deal" to the league's offer Tuesday night setting up a Wednesday deadline showdown.

"It is a business and people need to understand it is a big business, a multi-billion dollar business," Greene told News10. "Even though we maybe arguing over two or three billion dollars, you guys may think it is crazy, but this is not just for me this is for my son, this is for my son's son, for generation to come they could possibly live off of what I do right now, so yes, we are taking that two or three billion dollars very seriously."

But even if there is no NBA season, Greene has promised to bring NBA style basketball to the area with his "Goon Squd Classic" Charity basketball game at UC Davis on November 20th.

"I want to bring a great game to Sacramento, not just for the guys to comeout and play but really for the fans," Greene said. "This is really for fans, the fans created this game, they gave me all the ideas."

Currently, Greene, Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, Spencer Hawes, Kevin Martin, Jimmer Fredette and possibly Kevin Durant are some of the players confirmed for the charity game.

Written by Ryan Yamamoto,

KXTV News10

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