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Occupy Oakland protesters assist in cleanup efforts

8:04 AM, Nov 3, 2011   |    comments
Occupy Oakland broken window
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OAKLAND - Several Occupy Oakland protesters are assisting in cleanup efforts following Wednesday night's damage and destruction at the scene of the "general strike".

Numerous Occupy protesters went out of their way to note that the vandals who broke windows, started fires and caused other related damage, were not acting in compliance with Occupy's core message.

"This is not about destroying businesses," said one of the Occupy members cleaning up Thursday morning. "It's the small businesses we need for support."

However, a large crowd of Oakland protesters appeared to share a different mentality, as they broke windows and spray painted anarchy signs on those very businesses.

Video taken on the night showed Occupy protestors with contrasting methodologies clashing amongst themselves at a Whole Foods market in downtown Oakland. As numerous masked and hooded individuals broke into the store and smashed property, other protestors intervened, forcing the extremists away from the property.

VIDEO: Vandalism reported as protesters march in Oakland

Further protests will reveal whether the opposing factions of demonstrators can come together in a common approach. 

Cleanup efforts are expected to last well into the morning.

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