Kennedy football coach resigns amid photo scandal

6:18 PM, Oct 6, 2011   |    comments
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  • Henry Lusk
  • Picture of Henry Lusk was posted on Twitter

SACRAMENTO, CA - The dark cloud hovering over the Kennedy High School football program reached another level when Head Coach Henry Lusk quit Wednesday afternoon, the same day a revealing photo became public and made its way onto Twitter.

The photo shows Lusk wearing a thong and taking a cell phone picture of himself while posing in front of a mirror. It is unclear how the photo became public, but as of Wednesday evening Lusk was not under any criminal investigation.

Gabe Ross, a spokesman for the Sacramento Unified City School District, confirmed Lusk's resignation, but could not comment as to why because it's a personnel issue.

News10 visited Lusk's home Wednesday evening. A woman shut the door and turned off the porch light when she realized a news crew was there.

Lusk has not responded to several phone calls and text messages.

His resignation comes after his football team made headlines Friday night when the Kennedy-McClatchy game ended in an on the field brawl. Immediately after the fight, Lusk apologized to the fans, the league and the school.

On Monday, school administrators kicked eight players off the Kennedy team and one player off the McClatchy squad. Both schools will also forfeit their games this Friday, and both teams will participate in a community event this weekend.

Thursday after school let out, students said the photo was all the buzz in the hallways.

Parents described it as "disgusting" and "embarassing".

"I think he was forced to resign," parent Andy Matson said.

"It's embarassing," Latrelle McKinney added. "Why would you do that?"

By Ryan Yamamoto and Nick Monacelli,

WATCH unedited video of the football game brawl:



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