Troubled Stockton neighborhood recovers

6:14 PM, Sep 15, 2011   |    comments
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Gleason Park neighborhood

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton leaders and city officials celebrated the redevelopment of the Gleason Park neighborhood Thursday, an area so overrun with drug dealers and customers in the mid '90s, it was literally removed.

"This place was raggedy, infested with drugs," Gleason Park resident Lillie Conely said.

Conely lives in a brand new, low income apartment that surrounds the park and loves her new home. 

"It's simply wonderful," Conely said. "This is the most heavenly place I have ever lived."

It's a $50 million project that also includes a brand new elementary school.  Federal and state grants, city redevelopment dollars and affordable housing developers made it all possible.

"Remember, this started 15 years ago, before the economy took a real hit," Visionary Home Builders' Carol Ornelas said. "This was already in development and ready to take off." 

The neighborhood is in the district of council member Susan Eggman, who spoke proudly of what's been accomplished.

"It's a collaboration between the federal and state governments, city redevelopment, non profits and everyday citizens," Eggman said. "That's what makes Stockton great and America great.  We don't give up."

By Tim Daly,


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