Elk Grove mom, kids startled by alleged burglar in SUV

11:31 PM, Jul 19, 2011   |    comments
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Shannon Carter and her children

ELK GROVE, CA - An Elk Grove woman was behind the wheel and talking to her kids Tuesday about officers searching for a burglar in the neighborhood when a young man suddenly rose up from the SUV's cargo area.

"This guy popped right out from behind the seats," said 8-year-old Seva Carter who was sitting in the back seat.

Seva's mother Shannon Carter said she had arrived home a little earlier after taking the kids to movies to find her street swarming with Sacramento County sheriff's deputies and K-9 units looking for suspected robbers.

Carter said she went into her home with the kids, locked the doors and proceeded to pack a picnic lunch for the family before heading out again.

Carter, her children and a neighborhood kid loaded into the SUV in the garage and drove to Morse Park. It was as they pulled in at the park that a young man, which Carter described as 16 to 18 years old, emerged from the back of the SUV and began climbing over the seats.

With her kids screaming, Carter said she begain pulling them out of the SUV while the young man kept saying he wouldn't hurt them.

"He could've taken a hostage to try and get to some other location. I mean there are a lot of  'what ifs,'" said Carter. "We're just so thankful that this person in our car simply got out, said he wasn't going to harm anyone, and left us alone."

He ran off, turning and stopping to say he was sorry again, Carter said, and went into the park.

Carter described the young man as white, sandy hair in a buzz cut and a black t-shirt, jeans and an earring. A sheriff's department spokesman said Carter's description matched that of one of those deputies were seeking.


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