Steven Colver: Tylar Witt killed her mother

3:38 PM, Jun 9, 2011   |    comments
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  • El Dorado County Superior Court, Placerville
  • Steven Colver

PLACERVILLE, CA - Steven Colver, charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend's mother, claims Tylar Witt, the girlfriend, acted alone in killing Joanna Witt.

Tylar said, "Boston (Colver's nickname), I did it. I finally did it. My mom's gone forever," Colver testified on the stand Thursday afternoon in El Dorado County Superior Court.

Joanne Witt, 47, was stabbed to death in the bedroom of her El Dorado Hills home in June 2009.

Colver said he covered Witt's body with a Sponge Bob blanket.

Earlier, Colver recounted for the court he was taking classes at Folsom Lake College while working full-time at a Rubio's restaurant when he met the then 14-year-old Tylar Witt at a local coffee shop. He told the court she asked him to guess how old she was and he said 16. She said yes, Colver said. He was 19.

He testified as the two talked and got to know one another, Tylar told him she admired him and looked up to him.

The El Dorado County district attorney alleges Colver fatally stabbed Witt; Colver's attorney asserts Tylar Witt wielded the knife. The prosecution says Joanne Witt was killed because Colver and her daughter thought she was about to report him for having sex with the underage Tylar.

Colver testified Tylar was possessed by an evil demon on the day her mother found them in the bedroom. He said Tylar panicked, hyperventilated, and seemed to black-out. He said she then awakened and said she was "Toby, the demon who takes control of Tylar because she is too weak."

Colver said it was several hours before she snapped out of it.

Tylar Witt has pleaded guilty to first degree murder in exchange for her testimony against Colver and a reduced charge that could mean a shorter prison stay.

The morning court session began with criminologist Deana Kacer with the state Department of Justice testifying about DNA evidence collected. She told prosecutor Ann Marie Schubert and the jury that male DNA was found in a blood sample taken from above Joanna Witt's knee and from under her fingernails, indicating a possible struggle.

Kacer said the very small amounts of DNA were too small to determine the source. She also testified there were no traces of female DNA on the victim.

DNA from a blood stain on a towel taken into evidence was from Tylar Witt, Kacer said.

Bob Blasier, a member of OJ Simpson's legal "Dream Team" and a DNA expert helping Colver's defense, cross-examined Kacer. He asked whether it was possible DNA could be transferred between two people who are cohabitating.

Kacer, referring to several scientific studies on the matter, said it was possible the male DNA discovered on the victim could have been transferred between two people who were cohabitating, or who just had contact in the general population.


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