GRAPHIC: Jaycee Dugard's grand jury testimony released

11:15 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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WARNING: Content may be offensive to some readers.

PLACERVILLE, CA - Details of the case involving Phillip and Nancy Garrido in the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard, have been released in the form of transcripts from Dugard's private testimony.

While a judge removed 34 pages of graphic accounts, including statements of her sexual assaults, from the transcript, 157 pages were made public, which detailed Jaycee's kidnapping and captive life with the Garridos.

Dugard's testimony includes very personal recollections of her past, her two children fathered by Phillip Garrido and how she lived in seclusion in their backyard.

Jaycee said she was walking to school when she was kidnapped. The Garridos shocked Jaycee with a stun gun after pulling up next to her in their car.

"I didn't really get a good look, but somebody, you know, kind of - a voice saying something about directions, you know, "Do you know where" - and then, all of a sudden, his hand shoots out and I feel tingly and like losing control, and I'm in the bushes, trying to go back, and somebody is dragging me," Jaycee said on her testimony. 

Jaycee said she heard Phillip Garrido say "I can't believe we got away with it," then started laughing.

Dugard testified she was raped once a week for her first three years of captivity, until she got pregnant.

In her testimony, Dugard talked about extended sex sessions with Garrido that would last up to three days; she referred to them as "runs."

Garrido told Jaycee she was helping him because he had "a sex problem."

"He got me so that he wouldn't have to do this to anybody else," Jaycee testified. "So I was helping him."

Garrido videotaped the sex runs on many occasions.

After Dugard's first child was born, Garrido raped Jaycee once every two to three months.

After the second time Dugard became pregnant, things changed.

"He knew I was really scared about getting pregnant again," Jaycee told a grand jury. "He said he just couldn't help himself, but he was really trying to stop. And then I got pregnant again, and that's the last time he had sex with me."

The transcripts read:

Jaycee: "It lasted until I got pregnant."

Question: "Do you know about how much length of time went by until you became pregnant?"

Jaycee: "Three years."

Question: "So this was going on for that entire -- about once a week or more?"

Jaycee: "Yeah."

Jaycee: "Things really changed. He said that he was eventually going to stop having sex with me and that, you know, he was just really trying to change and he wants all to be a family."

Read Jaycee Dugard's testimony below:

(News10 removed the first 47 pages of the transcript because attorneys were going over the charges against the Garridos and explaining formalities to the jurors)

Jaycee Dugard's Grand Jury Testimony Transcript


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