Sacramento movie Planet of the Vampire Women premieres Saturday

12:37 PM, Apr 30, 2011   |    comments
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Scene from Planet or the Vampire Women

SACRAMENTO, CA - It was a love of the old schlocky B-movie horror and sci-fi films of the 1950's and 60's that first inspired the filmmakers behind Trash Film Orgy Productions to start making movies.

Their last movie, Monster from Bikini Beach, did well overseas. That's when the husband and wife team of Christy Savage and Darin Wood, along with producer Amy Slockbower, decided to find the funding for their latest effort: Planet of the Vampire Women.

"At this budget level, you have to have some tongue-in-cheek," Savage said, "You can't take yourself too seriously. But at the same time, we're serious about what we do."

Planet of the Vampire Women is about a crew of space pirates who crash their space ship on, you guessed it, the planet of the vampire women. 

The entire film was shot in a warehouse in Sacramento where, because they couldn't run fans or heaters during filming, the changing temperature turned out to be the hardest problem.

"Sometimes it would be 110 degrees in our warehouse and sometimes it would be 40 degrees in the warehouse," Slockbower said.

The film has its share of nudity and violence. which, the producers said, helps get those overseas sales.

"Things like blood and nudity translate very well in other countries," Slockbower said.

The premiere showing is 9 p.m. Saturday, April 30 at the Crest Theatre, with a pre-show party starting at 7. Mature audiences only.


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