Show me the money as new NBA reps visit Sacramento

12:18 AM, Apr 26, 2011   |    comments
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  • Sacramento regional corporate sponsors to meet NBA on Tuesday
  • SACRAMENTO, CA - Mayor Kevin Johnson surprised everyone by coming up with more than $10 million in corporate pledges last week in the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento.  Now, however, a new group of NBA representatives is in town to check out those pledges for themselves.

    This latest NBA delegation will want to make sure there's more than just talk behind those pledges. 

    As first reported Sunday evening, sources told News10 reporter Suzanne Phan that during a meeting Tuesday those businesses will be asked to make a deposit on their sponsorship pledges, and they'll be given thirty days to follow through with the money.

    One of those companies Monday said they've got no problem putting their money up.  Synergex, a software development firm located in Gold River.

    As a private company, Vice President and General Manager William Mooney said he could not comment on what the requests may be from the NBA executives, but he said Synergex is standing behind the Mayor and determined to do its part in the effort to keep the Kings.

    That attitude has made the company something of a hero around town.

    "It's been very exciting," said Mooney, "very exciting.  My neighborhood...I've had friends thanking me and thanking the company and as we move along we're getting very positive reaction."

    One of the big reasons Synergex stepped up to the plate, Mooney said, is economic. "I mean the Kings bring millions and millions of dollars to Sacramento," he said, "also, a sense of pride in community, just giving Sacramento a spot on the map."

    The NBA executives are slated to meet with the companies Tuesday morning.   It is expected that Mayor Kevin Johnson will then hold a news conference to characterize how the meetings went.

    By Jonathan Mumm


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