Game Guys review: Fit in Six (PS3 version)

4:30 PM, Apr 24, 2011   |    comments
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  • Ubisoft's "Fit in Six" for PS3.
  • Ubisoft's "Fit in Six" for PS3.
  • Ubisoft's "Fit in Six" for PS3.
  • Ubisoft's "Fit in Six" for PS3.
  • Ubisoft's "Fit in Six" for PS3.
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A short while ago, video game publisher Ubisoft added to the already robust assortment of fitness-based video games. The title, Fit in Six, was released onto the Wii and PS3. The Wii version ended up being fairly good. The PS3 version is a little bit better, though with a catch: the improvement only rings true for PS3 owners who have Move.

After entering in your basic stats (height, weight, and gender) and choosing your ultimate fitness goal, it's time to get to work.  Each goal has different daily requirements to meet to help you reach your chosen goal and each of the game's many workouts are worth points towards fulfillment of those requirements (and others).

One nice thing with the Wii version is that there is nothing else that needs be bought in order to play, and that's almost true with the PS3 version. While the game requires no yoga balls or weights, it does require PlayStation Move (at minimum the PlayStation Eye camera) which comes at an additional cost to those who do not yet already possess them. The camera alone doesn't do anything other than allow you to see yourself on-screen next to the digital trainer. This lets you compare how well you're doing each exercise but is otherwise useless. The addition of the Move wand controller, though, changes that as the game software tracks the movement of the wand compared to the digital trainer and lets you know how well you are performing each exercise.

Fit in Six has a fairly broad selection of workouts that blow simpler fitness titles (aka Wii Fit) out of the water.  Users are able to choose from activities such as kickboxing, cardio and a rocking abs workout that you'll still feel the day after.  The idea of earning points towards a daily goal helps to keep you going once you've started.  Of course, actually getting off one's rear-end and firing the game up can be quite the effort for the unmotivated.

Visually, Fit in Six is not the prettiest thing out there (nor does it have to be).  It does look nicer than the Wii version and it fine for what it is. As a fitness game, it might not be as advanced as some might like, but those people probably already have a gym membership and actually use the darn thing. One thing the game does lack is a calorie counter and, honestly, it's hard to see just how one would be accurate to begin with.

Those who want to feel the burn and get into better shape on their own time might want to check out Ubisoft's Fit in Six fitness game as it's an accessible option that is much cheaper than a membership to the local gym..

Final Game Guys grade: B+

- Game Guy Barry White


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